Demnächst Hardcore Namalsk Vanilla Survival Server (ohne Schnickschnack)

  • Demnächst werden wir einen Hardcore Namalsk Vanilla Server veröffentlichen:

    - Absolut Vanilla

    - Kein SchnickSchnack oder Klimbim

    - Extra Hardcore und Survival Elemente:


    Random events - Unpredictable nature of dynamic events such as blizzards or EVR storms will ensure that no day will be the same on Namalsk.

    Frostbite - Exposing body parts over longer periods of time can lead to a permanent injuries to survivors.

    Frozen water and food - Additional steps required when preparing resources found in the environment.

    Cold resistance soft skill - Staying alive increases the resistance against the cold over-time.

    New items - New Gorka, Sumrak and Yeger camouflage, all with a brand new hoodie parts. The good old Down Jacket and plenty of new colour variants for vests, ghillies, backpacks and more.

    Loot scarcity and choke points - Carefully designed high risk high reward Central Economy setups (Hardcore and Regular options) with survivor movement kept in mind.

    Dynamic ambient soundtrack - Triggering selected custom-made tracks from based on the time of the day and current location.


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