Changing Raid-Settings soon

  • Soon the Raid-Settings on DeerIsle are changed:

    T3 BBP (Stone) Structures are not longer unraidable ! Beware of Heavy Breaching Charge !! ;-)

    T2 BBP (Metal) Structures and Vanilla Metal Structures are not longer raidable ONLY with Heavy Breaching Charge.
    Beware of the SledgeHammer !! ;-)

    T1 (Wood) Structures and Vanilla Wood Structures - nothing changed. Raidable with (Heavy) Breaching Charge and SledgeHammer.

    The time for Dismanteling and Destroying are reduced by 30 %


    Stone (T3) is then destroyable with Heavy Breaching Charge

    Metal (T2) and Vanilla Metal is then destroyable with Heavy Breaching Charge and SledgeHammer

    Wood (T1) and Vanilla Wood is then destroyable with (Heavy) Breaching Charge and SledgeHammer

    You can level up the walls with reinforcements to get higher Protection times !

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