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    I personaly would do a wipe, it should help the server performance, and it would be fun to start again from zero :)

    And i think it would be easier to optimalise the server when its wiped than try to fix all issues from previous version.

    Vodnik should have two engines, boat engine should start only on water and the other (dont know the name, but for driving on road). And you can switch between those two engines. Dont know how exactly it works, never test it on my own.

    What i have tested, i didnt notice any change in zombies agro (stealth work fine for me), about zombies hitting you in car, walls wrecks etc. yes, that happens to me as well but im OK with it. Military zombies are strong, as you mention, but city/village zombies are weak i can kill them on one shot

    Im OK with it, dont make any hastlily change. Lets wait for answer from MOD maker, and if C4 mod will not meet requirements than what about base-raid saw (pile off codelocks) - i know it work well on other servers, but not sure if it will work with expansion walls/codelocks. Or as you mention above the base raid hammer