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    Hallo liebe Community,

    Was mögt Ihr?

    Kurzwaffen? Langwaffen? Handwaffen? Einfach nur den Survivalmodus? Seid Ihr gern mit dem Bogen und Messer unterwegs und wollt die grafisch superschöne Welt genießen die Scum zu bieten hat? Wollt Ihr gegen Wildtiere kämpfen um zu überleben? Habt Ihr lust ganze Dörfer für Euch zu bauen? Mögt Ihr es mit Autos, Quads, Traktoren, Boten oder Motorrädern durch die Gegend zu fahren? Oder wollt Ihr mit Eurem Team die Dörfer nieder reißen die andere über Monate gebaut haben? Wollt Ihr Euch in den Bergen verschanzen um dem ganzen Chaos aus dem Weg zu gehen?

    Habt ihr lust, mit Hilfe von Skills auf richtig geilen Loot in Scum. (Sniper, Militärkleidung und Waffen, Granaten, Rücksäcken und so weiter) dann ist die richtige Vorauswahl der Talente wichtig!

    Es bleibt bei Euch wofür Ihr Euch entscheidet.

    Scum hat so viel zu bieten!!!

    Ich helfe Dir gern Dich zurecht zufinden in Scum!

    Gebt diesem unwahrscheinlich geilem Spiel eine Chance und spielt auf unserem Server!

    Helft dabei, daß Scum bald eine Vollversion wird! Es geht mit großen Schritten vorwärts um eine Vollversion zu werden!

    Liebe Grüße Huxley

    Hey everyone, happy Friday! We are not done with the fixes, so we are releasing another on e regarding the server crashes! So happy playing this weekend? What you are not playing this weekend? What are you waiting for it's free!


    See you on the island!


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    Do., 26. August

    SCUM - Hotfix

    Hey everyone, releasing a small fix for the hotfix yesterday and some updated localizations!


    • Fixed the decay bug.
    • Fixed the bug with shelter overtake if another person upgrades the shelter.





    Private server owners can now tweak how fast will all items decay, including food.

    See you soon!


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    Mi., 25. August

    SCUM - Hotfix

    It's that time again! Patch has passed and here cometh the hotfix! Check it out! But first a word:


    SCUM International has finally started in full swing and we can already show some results! We have added updated translations for:

    • Spanish
    • German
    • French
    • Russian
    • Chinese simplified

    Special thank you for our partners in the program and we have only just started! More translations are coming soon and we will have announcements about Community ambassadors even sooner! Very interesting stuff in the future so stay tuned!

    Alright on to the bugfixes!


    • Fixed the bug where footwear would decay faster than it should when mounted on vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where canceling the loading magazine animation would sometimes cause an infinite loop.
    • Fixed the bug where dropped chests would delete loot inside.
    • Fixed the bug where camera would sometimes bug out when going prone on vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where crafted water containers would be filled with mystery liquid on creation.
    • Fixed the bug where A4 naval underground sentries would escape to the surface.
    • Fixed the bug where loading the RPK drum mag would mess with the FP camera.
    • Fixed the bug where the MP5 magazine idle animations would bug out.
    • Fixed the bug where opening the chat while in photomode would lock the game out.
    • Fixed the bug where the bag on your back would deflate when you take another bag in your hands.


    • Removed antenna, aluminum strip and copper strip from the spawn table because they have no use.
    • Added proper sounds to loading crossbow animations.
    • You can now craft rain collector with puppets raincoats.
    • Reduced the damage boots and gloves take when in melee combat.
    • Players now get foot abrasions when running with footwear at 0% health.


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    Fr., 20. August

    SCUM - Patch

    Lets get on with the post 0.6 updates! There are some heavily requested features, bugfixes and you can get drunk again, what more can you ask.


    You need to outrun those puppets and you have a base to build, but all of that makes you really thirsty?We got you covered!

    From now on, you will be able to collect and drink rain.

    All you have to do is take any viable water container, like a water bottle, and leave it outside while it rains. Although you can leave a regular bottle, it will fill quite slowly so we're introducing a few new items to help you collect the rain faster.

    You can cut all of the bottles in half and use them to collect rain
    , just don't put them in your inventory/hands while they have any water in them because the water will spill.

    You can also craft an Improvised Raincoat Water Collector

    which has a whooping 30 L of capacity.



    Here's a pro tip, even though you can't bring the new water collectors with you, you can pour the water to regular bottles and canteens and take them instead.

    Oh, and you can also collect water in pots
    and buckets


    So, now that you have water to get sobered up, you can also get drunk..because why wouldn't you?

    We have re-implemented and improved Drunkenness
    which now occurs if you have more than 0 g of alcohol in your blood.

    The maximum alcohol amount in the prisoner's body is determined by the Constitution
    attribute and the blood amount in the body
    . Once you reach the max alcohol amount, you die.

    This means you can now have proper drinking contests with your crew! (in-game please)

    Being drunk introduces a couple of "difficulties" for every prisoner, including Double Vision
    , Disorientation
    , and Dizziness
    . It will be tough to see what's happening, move straight, you will probably puke, and you may have occasional blackouts.

    Disorientation will also make your compass HUD disappear, but only the one you got from the Survival skill. If you have a compass item, you will still have the HUD.

    Treatment is pretty straight forward, stop drinking and flush all of the alcohol from your system by any means possible.



    Foot Abrasions
    Imagine this, you get drunk with your friends, buds, pals, and you decide to go hiking barefooted, or even worse, in crocs. Not such a smart idea.

    From now on, if you walk barefooted you will get Foot Abrasions
    after a short period of time, and if you wear shoes they will get damaged depending on the terrain difficulty.

    So yes, please follow the instructions showed on the image below verrryyy carefully, because nobody will come and save you on The Island.


    Movement speed
    , carry weight
    and terrain difficulty
    will influence how much abrasions will you get and how much do your shoes decay (wetness
    is also a factor for shoes decay). Foot Abrasions come with symptoms such as Pain
    and even Bleeding
    (starting on C2 severity).

    The pain will reduce your movement speed and you maximum pace to the point where you can only walk but it can be dealt with by taking painkillers.


    If there is no bleeding
    , treatment consists of resting and putting on footwear. It is also advisable to use other movement types such as swimming or driving as they don't scrap your feet.

    If there is bleeding
    , you can use the same medical items for treatment as you would for Bleeding Injury, but there is something more!

    By using items to treat the condition, you get Bandage Protection
    which primarily serves to stop the condition from progressing, but beware, the protection wears off if you continue to move (see the protection level in the condition's tooltip). Bandage Protection is needed only if you still continue barefooted, the best solution would be to put on some shoes.


    You better shake the drunkenness off before this part, believe me.

    Loading magazines
    You maybe have fast hands in real life, but do you have them in-game too?

    From now on you will have to manually load each and every magazine, bullet by bullet.

    Reloading speed depends on your DEX
    attribute as well as Rifles
    or Handgun
    skills respectively. You can stop the reload by pressing Esc
    or LMB
    , with the exception of the M1 clip.


    Weapon parts
    A feature heavily requested by the community!

    From now on, you can disassemble
    all weapons and use the parts to repair
    another weapon.

    To disassemble weapons, you will need a Toolbox
    . All weapons have their own disassembled parts meaning that if you dissemble a Kar98, you can only fix another Kar98 with those parts.

    Also, if you have any attachments equipped on your weapon, they will fall on the ground upon disassembly.




    • Fixed the bug where vehicle would jump if malfunctioned weapon is put in its storage
    • Fixed audio issue when refueling dirt-bikes
    • Fixed nutrition data for Crow Drumsticks
    • Fixed hand grip for Crow Drumsticks
    • Fixed typo in Beepollen Pills item caption
    • Fixed the bug where burying from inventory was not possible on very steep slopes
    • Fixed the bug where ZF39 scope was not centered properly on Kar98 and Mosin Nagant
    • Fixed the bug where traps where displayed as "Unknown" in the kill logs
    • Fixed the bug where players would get fame points when someone they killed committed suicide right after
    • Fixed the bug where Drill press and Lathe machine would take damage
    • Fixed First Person drinking animation
    • Fixed incorrect crosshair reticle position on multiple scopes
    • Fixed the bug where Improvised Stab-proof vest was stronger than the regular ones
    • Fixed the bug where you couldn't place any items in the improvised raincoat
    • Fixed the bug with crafting the Island Special cocktail
    • Fixed the bug where Hemostatic dressing wasn't showing properly in the vicinity
    • Fixed the bug where tooltip entries wouldn't update properly
    • Fixed multiple level, foliage and terrain design bugs
    • Fixed the bug where you were not able to use handgun on hellrider bike
    • Fixed the bug where items would stay in hand while picking up a bike
    • Fixed the bug where metabolism tab would overlap over other tabs
    • Fixed the bug where the health panel button was glowing when health panel was open
    • Fixed the bug where magazines in throwing slot was not updating when filled with ammo
    • Fixed the bug where cocktails would have no usage after crafting
    • Fixed the bug where puppets didn't drop clothing properly upon search
    • Fixed the bug where parts of the interaction menu would sometimes appear out of the screen bounds
    • Fixed the bug where player would sometimes recover form knockout on the other side of the wall
    • Fixed the bug that would cause you to die in Single Player by falling out of the map


    • You can now perform bondage using wire and tree bark rope
    • Magazine icon will now show if there are bullets in the magazine
    • Rag shoes are now easier to craft
    • Improvised Bulletproof armor, Improvised raincoat and Improvised shotgun are now easier to craft
    • Endurance skill experience gain is faster now
    • Radio and Music Player volume increment/decrement step is now smaller
    • Quick access bar and its accessories will be hidden when any UI tab is open
    • Motorcycles decelerate less when having a handgun out
    • All dances are now looped
    • Increased Wine Cork spawn rates
    • Adjusted rain falling intervals


    • Endurance skill now properly affects energy/water usage speed
    • Drinking gasoline will now make you vomit earlier
    • Buffed 9mm damage (a tiny bit)
    • Tooltips for Running skill, Endurance skill and Stamina have been improved
    • Improved weapon magazine, bolt and arrow icons
    • Strength gain now reduces if strength is above 4 and reduces further as STR approaches maximum
    • Audio optimizations



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    Mi., 4. August

    SCUM - Hotfix

    Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! You ready for a hotfix! Let's get to it!

    But first, let's get to the missing features on the last patch notes that are already in the game:

    New character creation menu:

    We have revamped the UI and the system for the character creation. it is much more pleasant looking and streamlined compared to before.


    • You can see it is a lot less confusing here as you can distribute your attribute points more easily with just the bars. We have also reduced the size you are able to enlarge your special parts with due to the new feature. From now on, the longer you stay alive on the island the bigger the special part. Don't worry tho, owners of the supporter pack #1 you still get your extra inches. So now when you see a man on the island with the big D he truly does have big D energy and better to not mess with him.


    • We did the same with the skill points section as well.

    Empty/full backpacks.

    A nifty new feature we introduced is the visual representation of how full your backpack is. If it is completely empty it will sort of collapse on itself since there are no items to extend the fabric, but the more items you have in it the more it will expand. This effect will show how full the backpack is but not heavy.

    To see how heavy the backpack is your character will bend forward to compensate the weight. Obviously the STR attribute also comes in play here and it depends on far your character will or will not lean.



    All wells on the island work now on a new system.

    Proximity replenishment is the new system that works on every well that is out in the world. Every well has a certain range, in which you walk in and then there is a chance that the well will have water and its a random amount how much water it will be.

    If you leave the range of the well, there is a timeout cooldown until you can re-enter its range and then the game checks again if there is any water in it and how much. If you enter the range before the cooldown ends, the timer resets and the well will show its last known amount. If you wait out the cooldown and then re-enter, the dice is rolled again to see if there is water in the well.


    New forest textures

    We have completely revamped and refreshed the look of forests in game, not only do they look better they should also be easier on your hardware. Well let the pictures tell the tale.



    Water intake

    Ok so not a forgotten feature but there seems to be a lot of confusion with this one. So let's get down to it:

    • There is water absorption system in the game, or better to say all of the minerals and nutrients. Your characters body has a limit on how much it can absorb over time, anything excess it will quickly expel. So be careful how much water you intake at once. So if you drink 2L of water at once but can only absorb 400ml anything over 400ml you will quickly have to piss out the excess. So it is better to to take a breather drink 0.5L and once that is absorbed drink some more and move. Or store the extra in the bottle. Also keep in mind that the higher your CON the less your body will use less water so the reserve will last longer.


    • Fixed the bug where destroying a vehicle while someone is entering/exiting it would bug the player out.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not load arrows from vicinity into bows if there was no inventory space.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build double doors on cabins.
    • Fixed the bug where you would get ridiculous amount of experience from repairing vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where sentries would push motorcycles below the map.
    • Fixed the bug where you could move sentries with vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where squad member limit would sometimes calculate incorrectly.
    • Fixed the issues with weapons scopes when aiming from vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where Attribute circular bars would randomly switch colors.
    • Fixed the bug where M16 magazine were not visible in vicinity.
    • Fixed the bug where camera would sometimes bug out on vehicles.
    • Fixed the bug where safe zones were not functional.
    • Fixed the bug where dirtbike audio would sometimes hang.
    • Fixed the bug where some weapons could not take appropriate attachments.
    • Fixed the bug where traps would not trigger on failed defuse attempt.
    • Fixed the bug where some weapons would have no recoil.
    • Fixed the bug where it was fine to drink salt water.
    • Fixed the bug where hazelnuts were repulsive to eat.
    • Fixed the bug where smoked goose meat was considered raw.
    • Fixed the bug where skewers with sausages were not eatable.
    • Fixed the bug where white flour was not repulsive to eat raw.
    • Fixed the nutritional values of insects.
    • Fixed the sounds on eating insects.
    • Fixed the bug where arrows with hard tips would break after one shot.
    • Fixed the bug where bullets would sometimes flicker in revolvers.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not drink from some office water dispensers.
    • Fixed the bug where you could sometimes jump through window fortifications.
    • Fixed the issue where holding a revolver in relaxed state would sometimes bug out.
    • Fixed the bug where sentries would deal damage even if the server setting is set to 0.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to wash clothes on empty wells.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not fill improvised water container.
    • Fixed the bug where reload, check ammo, unload ammo etc. was not possible while prone.
    • Fixed the bug where suicide zombies would sometimes not drop C4 materials.
    • Fixed the bug where prisoners would get soft locked when trying to chop items from prone position.


    • If you hold crossbow, default interaction with crossbow bolt is now "nock".
    • Visual effects for conditions will now fade in and out more smoothly.
    • You are no longer able to jump if your stamina dropped to zero.
    • Added bomb defusal minigame mouse sensitivity setting in options.
    • Puppets can now inflict C2 wounds if they hit same location multiple times.
    • Treatment UI will now gray out when in process of treating wounds.
    • Reduced the explosive damage on BB elements.
    • Modified explosive arrow damage range.


    • Added a new server setting:


      This setting will separate the actual Metabolism simulation time from the world time. So in cases of servers that run faster day and night cycles the Metabolism simulation can now be set to follow the world time or run slower. Default value is 3.84.
    • Kill logs now record everything properly.
    • Admin drones will now see motorbike owners when hovering over them.
    • OpenInventory on vehicles with drones should now work all over the vehicle


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    Do., 29. Juli


    Hello everyone, bet you didn't expect this so soon huh? Well it is here 0.6 has arrived! Introducing the long awaited metabolism rework, bikes and much more. So get ready, set, empty your bowels before the road and go, right into 0.6

    PSA: There is a lot of information here, in fact so much information we had to put some of it in picture mode since Steam can't handle us. There will also be Bugfixes and QoL missing on this post but will be listed on the next update!



    Finally it is here! Metabolism has been worked on and improved by a large margin. This was an incredible undertaking and it is still not over! It is a lot to take in so read very carefully to make sure you have your character as much optimized as possible out there.

    Keep in mind. this is the first iteration of metabolism implemented and more will come upcoming updates.

    Also keep in mind, we tried our best to keep the things as they were but the new metabolism is such a change that a mandatory wipe will be conducted.

    Where to even start? Well lets start with the stats, now called Core Attributes

    Core attributes work similar like they did before but we went in much more detail:



    • Strength is the physical power of a person, typically measured by how much you can push, pull or lift a physical object.
      Is raised by: proper protein intake, executing actions under a load
      Is lowered by: protein deficiency, loss of muscle mass
      It influences: carry weight, melee damage, calorie burning
      Ranges from 1 to 8



    • Constitution or body type defines everything connected with physical endurance and stamina.
      Is raised by: moving in general, walking, running, swimming, etc.
      Is lowered by: not moving, staying still for longer periods of time
      It influences: health points, stamina, damage and status (shock, poison, etc.) resistances, immune system, calorie and water consumption efficiency
      Ranges from 1 to 5



    • Dexterity determines how skillful you are in performing everyday and/or complicated actions.
      Is raised by: calorie deficiency (losing weight)
      Is lowered by: calorie sufficiency (gaining weight)
      It influences: movement speed and action speed including crafting, eating, reloading
      Ranges from 1 to 5



    • Intelligence is the capability of perception and successfully performing tasks.
      Currently, it can not be raised nor lowered.
      It influences: squad size limit (if you are the leader)
      Ranges from 1 to 5

    Alright so these are the Core attributes but what do they connect to each? Well the skills of your character. These are all familiar things but let's revise them because it will be quite important for what is to come:












    Alright there it is, hope you are all caught up. Now let's get to the new stuff.

    Metabolism rework

    There are a lot of changes and new stuff so the best way is to explain it step by step. And they say a picture is worth a thousand word so let's get through it with the new UI!


    There it is, in all it's glory! As you can se we cleaned it up nicely and it is much more pleasant for the eyes. Some new info some old but don't worry, we will go through it all step by step.


    Core attributes/skills tab

    • The upper section shows your Core attributes levels and progress.
    • The lower part are your skill levels and progress. Do keep in mind that there is still a cap on your skills depending on the appropriate Core attribute. The Pie shows your skill level from No Skill, Basic, Medium to Advance and Above Advanced.


    Basic info

    • Here you will find the basic info for your character, from Age, Lifetime aka How much time passed since last respawn. Weight of your character without any gear on, your current health, number of your teeth and your blood type. There is also your blood volume and body temperature but more on that later.


    Performance data.

    • Ok so here is where things get more complicated so read carefully. This table is what you want to keep your eye on. So let's get through it.
    • First up we have the Stamina bar and the Stamina Units or in short SU .

      Stamina Units determine how much actions you can do before you get fatigued.
      Max stamina is directly influenced by the CON attribute, the higher your CON, the more stamina you can have.
      Stamina consumption and recovery are influenced by Action Difficulty (rates shown below).
      Action Difficulty is a literal representation of how difficult it is to perform a certain action and it can be seen in the HUD around the stamina circle bar.


    AD bar showed on the red arrow.

    • Alright now the AD depends on multiple factors. Main thing would be how much gear you have on you. The more you carry on you the more difficult it is to perform actions. Factors that also influence it are: Movement speed, moving uphill or downhill, difficulty of operating not motorized vehicle, difficulty of action performed (ex. drawing a bow). The more STR your character has the less do all these factors influence the AD parameter.
    • Right so we have explained the AD and what influences it, so there you have the AD table and how does it apply to it. You can consider the contents of the table as a sort of levels. The table shows the SU consumption or gain through different actions. So if you rest or sit you will gain SUs but in full sprint you will rapidly loose them. Now the AD comes into place. Lets say you are standing around with no gear, that would count as a PASSIVE action. But if you have let's say 20 kg of gear on you it would increase AD and it would fall under effortless or tiring action depending on your character STR.
    • How much gear your character can carry without overloading itself is presented in the Gear Weight bar. Max gear is also influenced by the STR attribute. If you overload your character you will visually see it by the character being hunched over and also by having increased energy and water consumption.
    • Jog Speed
      Jog speed shows how fast you can jog. It is directly influenced by the performance score and it can also be increased or decreased with raising or lowering the Running skill.
    • Run Speed
      Run speed shows how fast you can run. It is directly influenced by the performance score and it can also be increased or decreased with raising or lowering the Running skill.
    • Energy
      If you are overloaded, your character requires more Energy than it usually would. Energy penalty represents how much more Energy will your character spend in kilocalories per hour.
    • Water
      If you are overloaded, your character requires more Water than usual. Water penalty represents how much more Water your character will spend in kilocalories per hour.

    And last in the Performance data stats we have the performance indicators:

    • Healing Speed
      Healing speed shows how fast is your body capable of stabilizing various conditions and injuries. It directly depends on the CON attribute and AD.
    • Blood Recovery Rate
      Blood Recovery Rate shows how fast you will recover blood compared to your normal Blood Recovery Rate. If you lose blood faster than you can recover it, you will potentially bleed out and die. WIP
    • Immune System
      Immune system determines how fast you will recover from various diseases and how likely you are to get a disease in the first place. WIP
    • Performance Score
      Performance score is a unit for action execution speed. It influences how fast you can run, walk, paddle, chop, etc. Performance score depends on three things: muscle mass, body fat and prisoner’s weight load. The percentage is scaled for your current character and your max performance score value can be decreased or increased by altering the three things mentioned above.
    • Stealth Factor
      Stealth factor shows your ability to remain hidden and unheard. If the Stealth Factor indicator falls, your ability to stay unnoticed falls. WIP
    • Melee Damage
      Melee damage indicator shows how much melee damage you will do compared to the maximal damage you can do. For example, if you get a penalty on the STR attribute because you have the “Weakness” condition, the Melee Damage indicator will fall. When you treat the “Weakness” condition, it will return back to normal.

    Body stats


    Here you will find all the details needed to balance your character:

    • Protein
      Indication of how fast do Proteins get absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Carbs
      Indication of how fast do Carbs get absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Fat
      Indication of how fast do Fats get absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Minerals
      Indication of how fast do Minerals get absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Vitamins
      Indication of how fast do Vitamins get absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Water
      Indication of how fast Water gets absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Alcohol
      Indication of how fast Alcohol gets absorbed in your body. Can be influenced by various conditions, injuries and illnesses.
    • Bones
      Indication of how many kilograms of Bones are there in your body at this particular moment.
    • Blood
      Indication of how many kilograms of Blood is there in your body at this particular moment. Blood can be lost by bleeding out and it can also be recovered.
    • Intestines
      Indication of how many kilograms of Intestines is there in your body at this particular moment.
    • Skin
      Indication of how many kilograms of Skin is there on your body at this particular moment.
    • Organs
      Indication of how many kilograms of Organs is there in your body at this particular moment.
    • Fat
      Indication of how many kilograms of Fat is there in your body at this particular moment.
      Fat in your body can be increased or decreased depending on the diet and difficulty of the physical actions you do. If the body fat reserves fall below a critical level, consequences even include death.
    • Muscle
      Indication of how many kilograms of Muscles is there in your body at this particular moment. Muscles can be increased and decreased depending on the diet and difficulty of the physical actions you do.



    Here you will see the nutritional values you characters body is currently digesting/processing:

    • Energy
      Indicator of how much Energy reserve you currently have.
      You fill the Energy reserve by intaking more calories than you’re burning. Resting helps, as calorie burn is quite low when not doing difficult actions.
      It is affected by the CON attribute, the higher it is, the more calories your body needs.
      Energy reserve can go above 100%, but in that case it starts depleting faster to get rid of the excess energy and the intestines get filled a lot quicker.
      If the Energy reserve drops to 0%, you develop the “Energy deficiency” condition.
    • Water
      Indicator of how much Water reserve you currently have.
      You fill the Water reserve by intaking more water than you’re using. Resting helps, as water usage is quite low when not doing difficult actions.
      It is affected by the CON attribute, the higher it is, the more water your body needs.
      Water reserve can go above 100%, but in that case it starts depleting faster to get rid of the excess water and the bladder gets filled a lot quicker.
      If the Water reserve drops to 0%, you develop the “Water deficiency” condition.
    • Macronutrients reservs
      Shows the reserves of macronutrients your character has consumed and their level compared to the optimal amount.
    • Muscle
      Currently it’s the same tooltip as in the body stats panel.
    • Fat
      Currently it’s the same tooltip as in the body stats panel.
    • Vitamins
      Shows the reserves of vitamins your character has consumed and their level compared to the optimal amount.
    • Minerals
      Shows the reserves of minerals your character has consumed and their level compared to the optimal amount.
    • Digestion
      Shows how full your digestion organs are. When you consume food or drinks the contents need to pass through your body. So you will have to keep an eye out you don't overeat at once, or burst your intestine. Overexerting these gauges have consequences such as puking or diarrhea.

    Medical rework

    Alright here it is the moment you've been also asking for. We have the medical system completely overhauled in much greater detail. From symptoms, bleeding to treating wounds there is a lot to cover here. So we are going to explain it again step by step through the UI.


    In this picture we have perfect examples of what you will encounter with the new medical system. From the top again!



    • Here you will see the basic info of your characters health performance. From hearth rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels to breathing rate and your body temperature.


    Body status

    • In this interactive tab you will see entire body x-ray with displayed injuries and symptoms. It also has 2 gauges showing your health and blood level. You can even click around different body parts to isolate which injury you whish to focus on. After you select the body part or the injury you can go to the treat tab.


    The list on the body can show either symptoms or conditions. Conditions are the all the nasty things that are affecting your body and are treatable, mostly. Symptoms are the consequence of the conditions that still have effect on your body, and can only be treated through their condition.

    If you are wondering which are which here is the list.








    Treating tab

    • When you select the injury you will find the treating tab/bar. With it on the center of the screen you will have the option of choosing the items you want to use to treat form either inventory or vicinity. The bar itself shows you all the info about the treatment. The red bar is filling up and it shows the progress of bleeding. Depending on the injury it can fill slower or faster, after the bar is filled the wound will go from untreated to stabilization and after it is stabilized it will go to recovery.

      You can patch the wound up to send it immediately to stabilization by treating it. When you patch a wound you will fill up the white outline of the bar. Once the line is full the wound is considered stabilized. So the more the severe the wound the more materials you need to stabilize it.

      Be careful tho, if you have a wound that is still in stabilization mode and you keep doing difficult actions with your character like jumping or sprinting around, you can open your wound again and will need to be patched up again.

    Alright time for some hot octane action!


    HELL YEA BABY MOTORBYKES ARE FINALLY IN! time to buzz around left and right and be fast meanace to the island! We got bikes, we got jumps, we got the gear, what more could you ask for!? Well I'm sure you will think of something. Well here they are.





    There are 2 bikes in the game currently. The dirtbike and the Hellrider bike. You can find both on the island. Motorbikes, just as the rest of the wheeled motor vehicles, require both fuel and battery to run. Even though they are fast, agile and adjusted for off road, there is a tradeoff. As you might imagine the bikes are highly suspected to weapon damage and the engine block can be disabled quite easily, so if you plan to raid with them be fast and don't get hit. There is no space for inventory for the motorbikes so make those supply runs light.

    To operate the Motorbike there is another skill added the Motorcycles skill
    , works similar to the Driving skill except for the motorbikes, yeah it's that simple.


    But what are bikes without biker gear? Nothing! you must let everyone know you ride otherwise it does not count!




    Well immediately on the topic of motorcycles and Hell riders, yes we have added the trailer variant of the pick up as well.



    Another highly requested feature! We are on the roll here! That is right time to roll around with a big iron on your hip. Not one but 4!, that is right 4 revolvers have dropped! 2 of them even have brand new ammo created for them: the .44 magnum and the .38 special.
    So go get that Texas red!




    As for malfunctions, where the revolvers are the old reliable. One possible malfunction is bad round but when that occurs the revolver will just keep spinning to the next bullet. See it's not a bug it's a feature!


    Alright, time for the big one that changes nothing yet everything. We have completely revamped the way damage is taken and being dealt in the game. Most of it is in the backend and you won't really notice it since we spent a lot of time tweaking it so it remains the same. Yet some thing are changed and there are more types of damage right now. We already covered those in the medical.

    Now you might encounter a weird thing here and there that fell out of place, so make sure you leave feedback so we can adjust the best way possible.

    You might also be wondering why do it at all then?

    Well it allows us a much greater control over damage and future medical consequences of weapons. One of the examples we have finally made for armors the possibility to absorb melee damage. You will see a lot more soon!

    Alright now let's get for all the extras of the patch!


    Motorbike track

    Ah yes we have bikes, but can we race them? Already ahead of you people. You can find the new track in the Z3 sector! We have been racing around it all time and it's amazing fun. So grab some friends, grab some bikes and go have fun. We may or may not recommend to allow the usage of weapons during races.






    New High loot POI settled on the border of Z1 and Z2. Sneak around the forgotten trains of old while avoiding mechs to get that sweet sweet loot.




    Novo Selo

    New town isolated on the Z4 island. Peaceful seaside village where you can get away from it all. Novo Selo is a prime vacation location.






    I still have some characters left, f

    Es tut mir leid das ich in dem letztem halben Jahr nicht viel Zeit hatte um die neuesten Updates zu posten. Ich war Privat sehr eingebunden. Dies soll sich ab jetzt aber wieder ändern.

    Ab sofort werden wieder alle neuen Updates gepostet.

    Unser Server befindet sich natürlich auf dem neuesten Stand.

    Euer Huxley8)

    SCUM - Patch

    Hey hey, people. Time for another regular update! Not 0.5 yet but an important step towards it. Find out more below!


    With this update we have transitioned from 4.25 to 4.26.

    Now what does this mean? Well a lot of things in the future and a major step towards 0.5. One might say the biggest step. It allows us much needed support for the features planned for 0.5. The transition tho might not be as easy as we see it or is expected. Or better yet some issues and problems are expected right now but better to get them away now rather than have them in 0.5.

    So please any and all issues you may encounter in this patch, no matter how small or big please report them to us so we can improve the experience for everyone!

    Thank you!



    Even though we know yall managed to make your own "improvised metal/mine detectors", here are some actual legit ones.

    Heading to a well known POI and don't want to die from mines? Pop out the metal detector.

    You have a suspicion that some sneaky nemesis buried his loot in the area? Pop out the metal detector.

    You want to roleplay that weird old guy at the beach looking for treasure? Pop out the metal detector.

    Want to find remnants of aliens so you can bother everyone on social media? Pop out the metal detector.

    So how does it work ingame?

    First off we have 2 of them as the picture shows, military and improvised. So here is the difference between them.

    • Improvised cannot be repaired while Military can be with Electrician toolkit.
    • Military has bigger range than improvised.
    • Military holds bigger battery than improvised.

    To craft an improvised metal detector, in addition to items required you will also need at least medium engineering skill.

    Now, as for the mechanic itself it's pretty simple. You will need to have the detector in your hands and some battery charge. Then simply press TAB and right click it for the Turn on option.


    Your character will start sweeping the ground looking for any metal. Proper metal not that pozer stuff the mainstream listens to, but that hardcore band you found one night drunk at 3am on youtube.


    You will hear beeping sound and closer you are to a find the more frequent will beeping be. It is that simple.



    Alright hoarders your time to shine now. Presenting further lock protection!

    Got tired of the same old zappers and want some spice in that zap? We got you.

    There are now 3 different zappers:

    • Level 1- Basic
    • Level 2 - Medium
    • Level 3 - Advanced

    For each zapper you need the appropriate engineering skill. So basic for basic, medium for medium and advanced for advanced.

    Appropriately they each do different damage:

    • Level 1- 0.5 per fail.
    • Level 2 - 1 per fail.
    • Level 3 - 1.5 per fail.

    Now you see the previous change of separating slots was actually planned, shocking I know!


    Or better to say one sign. Yo want to tell people you mean business about protecting your base? Or you could just place it on empty field to troll others. A new sign got you covered:



    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build some floating elements.
    • Fixed a possible ammo duplication bug.
    • Fixed the bug where the game would reset your settings on restart.
    • Fixed the bug where some parts of scope reticles could become invisible.
    • Fixed the bug where flare sound would hang after player would get shot by it.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to melee autolock on players behind cover (walls etc.).
    • Fixed the bug where lock breaking would not give Thievery XP.
    • Fixed the bug where Sentry audio would hang.
    • Fixed the bug where some placed items could not be destroyed.
    • Fixed the bug where killbox drops would give incorrect loot.
    • Fixed the bug where puppet growl sounds would sometimes hang.
    • Fixed the bug where admin drone would become a fidget spinner when slowing down.
    • Fixed the bug where you could get stuck when opening the map and searching the container.
    • Fixed the bug where arrows and bolts shot in events could be used after the event.
    • Multiple level fixes.
    • Fixed the bug where C4 was still visible after detonation.
    • Fixed the bug where you could build window fortifications outside of windows.


    • Squad rank lock accessibility now available for doors as well.
    • You can now adjust light level on lanterns.
    • You can now drink soy sauce if you want.
    • You can no longer bury items in H barriers.
    • Item attachments will now take damage if the item takes damage.
    • Added an option to map ADS hold/toggle.
    • Remapped scope zoom to mousewheel due to feature above.
    • Chests are no longer damaged by melee or explosives.
    • Mines now decay after 10 days when inside friendly flag area.
    • Mines now decay faster when outside friendly flag area.
    • Mines now activate on anyone when outside friendly flag area.


    • Player names are now hidden when drone HUD is disabled.
    • Admins can now spawn small animals.
    • Server owners can now choose to disable lethal traps/mines on the server.

    A new command is added:

    #renameVehicle <idOrAlias> <Alias>

    First argument is the ID (or alias if it has one) of the vehicle. The other argument is the new alias of the vehicle. Alias is case insensitive and it cannot be a number.

    Command #destroyVehicle <idOrAlias> can be used with ID or alias.

    Command #listSpawnedVehicles will now also display the alias of the vehicle if it has one as the last column.

    Command #teleportToVehicle <idOrAlias> <player> can be used with ID or alias.


    That's all from us for now folks, but there is still one more thing. If you are reading this and still don't have the game, what are you waiting for? SCUM is currently 40% off on Steam. Get it for yourself, get it for your friends, hell get it for your nana. See you out there on the island!


    Bevor ich jetzt wieder aushole, möchte ich darauf hinweisen, daß wir am Mittwoch dies bezüglich ein TS Gespräch haben.

    Wäre schön wenn sich viele Beteiligen können.

    Aber dennoch muss ich sagen: Das wir Änderungen mit einer Umfrage geregelt haben, damit alle Member die bezahlen ein Mitspracherecht haben.

    Wollte auch nicht das die M200 raus genommen wird. Laut Umfrage habe ich da verloren.. Shit Happens. Mehrheit hat gesiegt.

    Mit den Bots ging es diesmal anders für mich aus. Ich freue mich über die Bots.

    Es geht nicht nur nach drei Leuten wenn 13 bezahlen sry

    Hey Marcus,

    wir haben es doch immer so geregelt von Anfang an, daß wir mit den Umfragen abstimmen.

    Das ich dafür nicht für den Server bezahlen möchte, ist nicht ganz richtig.

    Wollte mit meiner Nachricht nur mitteilen, daß wenn ich bezahle auch mitspracherecht habe.

    Auch wenn ich gerade nicht spielen kann.

    Wenn ich das nicht mehr habe, dann fühle ich mich der Chernarus Community nicht mehr zugehörig.

    Das ist ein Problem in der Tat.

    Wie wollen wir das in Zukunft regeln?


    Noch etwas.... Das passt jetzt nicht ganz in diesen post...

    Da die Aufmerksamkeit gerade hier liegt, klärt das mit der Servermiete.

    Ich bin in keinem Fall böse wenn die Beiträge gesplittet werden. Muss es halt nur wissen, da ich diese bald anfordern möchte. Werdet Euch einig. ;-)

    Jeder spielt das Spiel anders. Deswegen kann man ja garnicht angepisst sein.

    Nur als (Kassenwart) :-) muss ich das rechtzeitig wissen. Bezahlt werden muss der Chernarus Server am 25.03.

    Crispy ich kann diese Stammspieleranmerkung voll und ganz nachvollziehen! Ehrlich! Aber dann sollten auch nur die Stammspieler für diesen Sündhaft teuren Server bezahlen, wenn sie allein bestimmen was da passiert.

    Wir haben damals als Gemeinschaft den Server gemietet und nur weil gerade ein paar Mitglieder keine Zeit oder Lust oder wie auch immer haben das Spiel zu spielen, trotzdem bezahlen, mitspracherecht haben sollten. Vielleicht spielen sie ja irgendwann wieder auf genau diesem Server. Genau aus diesem Grund haben sie mit abgestimmt.

    Für mich ist das mehr als Recht.

    Meinst Du damit das die spielende Mehrheit dann allein den großen Server bezahlen sollte?

    Klingt ja erstmal nicht ganz blöd. Nur sind die Beiträge dafür dann extrem hoch leider für die spielende Mehrheit!

    Überlegt es Euch und sprecht mit Stefan. ;-)

    Meine spenden kommen dennoch, aber nicht für diesen Server dann. Sorry da bin ich raus...

    Vielleicht hat der Olaf ja noch vor bei Chernarus zu spielen irgendwann ;-)

    Habe im Moment nicht die Zeit zum Computer spielen. Erstmal Sorry dafür!

    Das Privatleben engt mich gerade komplett ein.

    Aber was ich mal los lassen möchte ist, daß die Strategie die Ihr bisher fahrt auch keine neuen Spieler auf Chernarus bringt. Mir kommt es immer so vor, das Ihr alles so leitet wie es Euch gefällt! Nichts weiter. Admins versuchen immer mehr Spieler auf die Server zu locken weil es einfach geil ist. Deswegen ist man Admin bzw. Stefan der Serveradministrator. Deswegen macht er den Scheiß!!! jede Nacht. Und wenn man versucht mit Veränderungen den Server voll zu kriegen, ist das für mich genau das richtige!

    Nehmt es mir bitte nicht für Übel!!!!

    Aber wenn Ihr so ein Puller PVE Server haben wollt, der genau zu Euch passt, dann sammelt doch einfach unter Euch das Geld und der Stefan wird ihn Euch bestimmt sogar einstellen wie Ihr ihn möchtet. Es zahlen mehr Leute für den Chernarus Server. Auch Leute die gerade nicht spielen oder sehr wenig spielen.

    Es waren Eure Worte.....: Wir zahlen für den Server, also ist das unser Server und wir bestimmen, wie er eingestellt wird.

    Wenn man das wörtlich nimmt ist die Umfrage also komplett legitim gelaufen! Es haben nur Mitglieder abgestimmt, die bezahlt haben.

    Euer Huxley

    Würde die Goldfahrzeuge trotzdem begrenzen auf 1 pro Spieler.

    Bei einem Clan könnte sich ja jeder ein Goldfahrzeug kaufen. Bei 5 Spielern nach adam riese ;-)

    reicht doch. Das macht die Sache ansich einfach. Sind es 4 Clanmitlgieder dürfen maximal 4 gekaufte Fahrzeuge drin stehen. So behält man gut den Überblick! Und es reicht vollkommen aus!

    und jetzt möchte ich auchmal bunt schreiben xD

    SCUM - Patch

    Hello folks happy Friday! Nope, it's not 0.5 yet but don't worry it's coming just a little bit more patience. In the meanwhile we are back with our regular updates for you, so kick back, relax and enjoy.


    Single doors

    It's been a while but fret no further, the single BB doors are making their return. Weather you want to make a whole maze system, make an escape route or just don't want people entering with vehicles.


    And yes these new doors are upgradeable!




    As you might've already seen in an announcement made, we have changed the way locking doors work. Instead of just having 5 slots free willy nilly, it is now divided into sections:

    • Locks
    • Lock protection.


    This was setup due to balancing reasons. Originally there were always 3 locks maximum planned for the doors.

    Level 1 doors will have 2 slots for locks and 1 slot for zappers.

    Level 2 doors will have 2 slots for locks and 2 slots for zappers.

    Level 3 doors will have 3 slots for locks and 2 slots for zappers.

    Pre built doors and cabin doors will have 3 slots for locks and 1 slot for zappers.


    Some major changes coming to the cargo drop.


    From now on you will see a screen on the cargo drop giving you a timer of how long you got before the drop goes kaboom. Why is this important? Well from now on all lockers inside cargo drops will be locked. That's right, from now on you won't be able to just rush it get all the gear grab it and run off in 1min. Need to put the effort in. However, when the timer hits 25 seconds all lockers will automatically get unlocked. So you still have time to grab something and run.

    Now you might be thinking: "I don't like lockpicking, these changes seem to be a bit harsh."

    Well finally we have a solution for you.



    Crowbar lock breaking can be done only on lockers on the island ( in police stations, inside bunkers, cargo drop lockers).

    So what else do you need to break those pesky locks? Well the action is tied to the STR stat and Thievery skill. Higher those numbers are the quicker you will get it open, but if those 2 are too low don't worry you can still get it open, it just takes a bit longer. Also be careful about the noise there, breaking locks is not exactly a ninja thing to do.

    Breaking locks this way will damage your crowbar and the contents of the container.


    Gone are the days of endlessly drinking from wells!

    Wells and water pumps now have a finite amount of water in them. They refill over time and you can always check the amount of water in a well by holding F on it and pressing the new "Check" function.

    Now why does that matter you ask?

    Because now you can do so much more with your bottles instead of drinking them and throwing them away. You can now transfer liquids between different containers!


    Don't want to carry an entire gasoline canister with only 6 uses? Fill that empty Lime Soda in your inventory with gasoline!

    You want to gather some fuel reserves at the gas station but don't have a gasoline canister? Those 11 empty water bottles will do the trick!

    By holding "F" on a container with liquid, you have 2 new options - Check and Spill.

    By using the "Check" function you will get a notification telling you which liquid is in the container.

    By using the "Spill" function, you will spill its contents on the ground, allowing you to fill it with a different liquid.


    You also do not have to trek to the nearest shore or lake or river to wash you clothes, you can now scrub that blood off at any well! Squeaky clean!

    Oh and btw before you madmen start building wells on top of wells on top of wells, only one 1 Water well can be placed per flag, and water wells are disabled outside flag areas.


    No longer will you have to fret about sneaky squadmates grabbing stuff from chests and vehicles they shouldn't have access to!


    Now you can set specific permissions for locks on vehicles and chests in regards to the squad rank!

    If you want a chest or vehicle to be locked for everyone regarding of squad rank, you have the "Private" option.

    The squad ranks from highest to lowest are as follows:

    Boss, Underboss, Enforcer, Member.

    'Underboss' lock access allows only him and the Boss ranks to access the inventory.

    'Member' lock access allows all ranks to access the inventory.

    The person who placed the lock on the chest or vehicle will always have access to it.


    Weapons and attachments, always had a special place in our hearts. Everyone likes to costumize their weapons their own way so we added 2 more attachments to the roster.


    2 new suppresors for all you loud ninjas out there, one for the Mosin Nagant M1891 and one for the Kar98 rifle. These can be found in WW2 bunkers, just be careful with the mines!


    • Fixed the bug where destroying foundations near walls or frames it would destroy them as well.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to build floating platforms.
    • Fixed the bug where buried traps would sometimes show wrong materials.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to arm traps while still in inventory.
    • Fixed the bug where it was possible to see Pick Lock interaction even though it should not be possible.
    • Fixed the bug where wardrobe name would disappear after lockpicking.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not fix construction boots.
    • Fixed the bug where you could not sharpen cleavers.
    • Fixed the bug where wire cutters were not repairable.
    • Fixed the bug where large items in hands would clip through vehicles while entering/exiting.
    • Fixed the bug where holstered weapons would be visible after swapping them while in vehicle.
    • Fixed the bug where Graphic Presets and Dynamic Shadows Quality not showing correct values even though they were properly applied.
    • Fixed the bug where hitting players with cut off arms would not produce correct sound.
    • Multiple level fixes.


    • Modified glove pressure stats when lockpicking.
    • M9 bayonets now deal insignificant damage to BB elements.
    • Reduced damage arrows and bolts deal to players.
    • Disabled the ability to place BB elements on pre constructed Hunting towers.
    • Major improvement in optimizations concerning the amount of items around player.
    • Returning from a game event will now restore the players stance that was active before the event.
    • Adjusted max contained weight on longsheds and tractors.
    • Vehicles should no longer decay in Singleplayer.
    • Replace Rusty lock with Iron lock


    We have a new feature incoming for Private servers, and a highly requested one. You can now officially set up your own PvE zones!


    PVE SafeZones:

    Something new you should find in your server settings is a section dedicated to Custom PvE Zones.

    They work similar to how you setup custom zones to play in. Set your X and Y coordinates where the center of the zone will be, set the radius of the zone, determine which types of damage do you want to block or allow, and give your zone a cool name!

    Server needs to be restarted after each change .

    The following damages can be blocked or allowed:

    • Boxing Damage,
    • Melee Weapon Damage,
    • Throwing Damage,
    • Projectile Damage,
    • Explosive Damage (including vehicle explosions and suicide puppet explosions)
    • Damage to Bases
    • Damage to Vehicles.

    And yes you can setup each zone differently.