Changelog - Banov (vor 2023)

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  • Changelog 26.09.2022:

    Map Autor:

    Ladies and Gentlemen Welcome to the biggest update this map has ever seen. I have been working on this update for 5 months so you can expect huge changes.
    The map has received welcome changes that have been accepted by the community, in open fields you can hide from the enemy, in deep forests you can find lonely houses, forest springs and much more. I hope you will like this update, I look forward to your photos, videos, live broadcasts!


    The new Huntsmen Complex shooting range
    Dusk military area
    Green Camp military area
    Lean military area
    New Summer camp
    New music for Stage
    AI for Area01, 02, 03 [Demogorgon]
    Electric lines
    New tourist routes
    Tourist signs
    Bear and wolf signs
    New river
    Hidden underground bunkers
    Detached houses in the woods
    New forest and main (asphalt) roads 300km+
    New mainmenu music
    Atomic hidden all over the map
    New castle Mucho
    New Castle Erebor
    Small forest gates for forest roads
    New billboards
    Forest springs
    Cave last camp Wolf
    New quarries
    Forest swamps
    Alien Cave
    Underground bunker


    Surroundings of the Kopec area
    The area around the RABBIT military base
    Owergrown Military Area
    Tisovik military area
    Hotel Delta and surroundings
    Farm Prusy
    Pod Rohom Farm
    Farm Bobot
    Farm Slatina
    Farm Dubnička
    The Lutov farm
    Farm Dvorec
    Bobot village
    The village of Motešice
    The village of Dolné Motešice
    The village Prusy
    The village of Horné Naštice
    The village Dvorec
    The surroundings of Závada pod Čierny vrchom
    The right part of the capital Bánovce nad Bebravou
    River Bebrava
    River Radiša
    Prusy Dam
    Veronika prison
    Factory Ozorovce
    Terrain for forest roads
    Forests, forest areas
    Fields - more details, hiding possibilities
    Bottom right side of the map
    Spawn cars
    AI spawns
    HeliCrash spawns
    Spawn Woodenplanks
    Spawn Police wreck
    Spawn contaminatedarea
    SAT MAP quality
    Sound effects for underground bunkers
    Graphics for Respawn
    Main menu
    Area 01
    Area 02
    Area 03
    Airport Alica
    Airport Hrabice
    Keys for area now spawned in NBC zombie and Solider zombie

  • Changelog 27.10.2022:

    - Fehler mit Fahrzeug-Schaden bzw. Despawn behoben (dbo_surfaces + Heli)

    - Heli wegen dem oben genannten Fehler entfernt (kommen zurück, jedoch warten wir auf d. Update)

    - CanabisPlus Mod Update (neue Funktionen hier:


    - Parkgebühren werden nun direkt vom Konto abgebucht (deswegen die ATMs bei den Garagen entf. )

    ------ Fahrzeuge oder Despawntes kann nicht erstattet werden ------

  • Changelog 24.02.2023:

    Big Banov Update 02 / 2023:

    Was kommt alles mit diesem Update ?


    Remodeled Dedina Krásna Ves

    Remodeled Village of Slatina nad Bebravou

    Redesigned Bobot Village

    Dedina Vlčkovo remodeled

    Remodeled Hornany Village

    Dezarice Village remodeled

    Prusy Village remodeled

    Miezgovce village remodeled

    Timorazda Village remodeled

    Rebuilt City of Banovce nad Bebravou

    Redesigned Military Overgrown

    Remodeled Military Airport Hrabice

    Redesigned Military Airport ALICA

    Redesigned Military AREA01

    Redesigned Military AREA03

    Remodeled Location Kopec

    Remodeled Lom Polužany location

    Remodeled Timorazda Quarry Location

    Reworked Location Tunnel to Owergrown

    Redesigned Satmap [Fields, Meadows, Forests, Debris]


    Added Puzzle

    Added New Alien model

    Added NanoSuit

    Added Area04

    Added New music for stage

    Added navigation marks

    Added small military areas are added to large fields

    Added Key for Area 04

    Added new sound effects for underground bunkers

    Added New summer camps

    Added more easter eggs

    Added View over the trees

    Added new police event

    Added new Train event

    Added new military event

    Added new texture for rock/dead forest

    A nanosuit that offers more armor, more storage space, is completely anti-chemical, waterproof

    Large fields now offer more places to hide

    After death, you will be shown your stats


    Spawn Wooden Planks

    Player spawn

    Aliens in underground bunkers are more aggressive

    Vehicle spawn

    Helicrash spawn

    Swimming pool

    Ambulance spawn

    Ambulance texture

    Main menu music


    Loot now also spawns in underground bunkers

    Fps drop in Area01

    Blue light

    Spawn for zombie city, cow spawn

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