• Regeln:

    1. Find the yellow rubber duck and earn 999.999 poptabs by selling at a trader.

    2. Do not make missions with vehicles, planes or helicopters. The NPC have automatic launchers and kill you.

    3. Flying over mission-area results in death by automatic launcher through NPC.

    4. Roadkills reduce money and respect.

    5. Do not build your base at airports, traders or in cities.

    6. Pay the protection-money every 31 days, otherwise your territory will disappear with the whole base !!!

    7. All found cars, quads, helicopters and boats are removed after a restart and redistributed.

    8. It is not allowed to park vehicles at the trader or in the safezone !! Build a base and / or use your virtual garage.

    9. Vehicles can be repaired with duct tape.

    10. We have a huge crafting menu. For example, click on the screwdriver or something else, then on recipes...

    11. To learn new crafting, you need to search and learn documents. Not purchasable !!!

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