NBC Respirator does not give radiation protection

  • Hello

    I have a strange problem with NBC Respirator. It appear there are at least two different version of item. One appear to be vanila game and other one is from mod i think. Only one in left one appear to add radiation protection. If both items are available in game i think it is a bug that only mod version of NBC counts as NBC

  • Hello, thank you for asking. There was a problem for a short time and vanilla gas masks have also appeared. This bug should be resolved. You are only protected against radioactivity with the NBC mask and the NBC Equipment from the radioactivity mod. Only with gloves, hood, gasmask, shoes, jacket and pants. NBC stuff only appears on airdrops. At the Ghost Village Mission, the keycard to Mt. Katahdin can also be found with a 50 percent probability. There is high-end loot. You also need a night vision... Anti-radiation tablets and tetracycline heal against radiation ... Anti-radiation tablets can be found in hospitals

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